C4C Gateway maintenance

We would like to inform all C4C users that there will be a gateway maintenance for Americas, Europe, Asia-Pac, Sakhalin gateway from 4th December to 6th December. There will be no downtime for this activity but users might face session issue/s(Certificate revoked, invalid certificate) during the activity, in that case C4C users are requested to re-login to the gateway again or login to the other closest gateway based on the maintenance activity timeline below. For further details, user can connect with helpdesk on the below mentioned numbers:


  • Americas: 4th December ->CHG0273847-> 2:30 GMT
  • Yuzhno 4: 4th December ->CHG0273742-> 15:30 GMT
  • Europe:     5th December ->CHG0273834-> 2:30 GMT
  • Yuzhno 3: 5th December ->CHG0273779-> 15:30 GMT
  • Asia-Pac:  6th December ->CHG0273783-> 15:30 GMT

Helpdesk Contacts:

Kazakhstan: +88 005 557 100
Malaysia: +60 377 240 372
Netherlands: +31 707 007 346
Russia: +74 999 512 808
UK: +442 039 013 471
USA: +13 128 435 291

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PC/Token registration

All Client for Contractors (C4C) users must register their computer with the Juniper gateway through the First-Time Registration via the C4C access portal.

Login to Client for Contractors (C4C)

After the Client for Contractors (C4C) user has performed the First-Time Registration, he or she will be able to access the C4C service via this normal log-on gateway. The users can select the closest region gateway for better performance.