We are upgrading C4C - SQL server 2012 SP3 upgrade to SP4, during this activity there will be a service down time. The window for this activity is July 4th 2020 , with downtime from 7:30 am IST to 11:30 am IST

Downtime : 4 hours

Helpdesk Contacts:

Kazakhstan: +88 005 557 100
Malaysia: +60 377 240 372
Netherlands: +31 707 007 346
Russia: +74 999 512 808
UK: +442 039 013 471
USA: +13 128 435 291

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HSSE compliance statement

Shell Health Recommendations and Guidelines for HSSE

Frequently asked questions

Answers to commonly asked questions for end-users, focal points and hiring managers

Supported security software

Juniper SSL VPN checks for third-party applications on endpoints for compliance.

Feature Content

Important documents

Key documents for self-help, guidance and reference

PC/Token registration

All Client for Contractors (C4C) users must register their computer with the Juniper gateway through the First-Time Registration via the C4C access portal.

Login to Client for Contractors (C4C)

After the Client for Contractors (C4C) user has performed the First-Time Registration, he or she will be able to access the C4C service via this normal log-on gateway. The users can select the closest region gateway for better performance.