Dear C4C Users,

Shell is upgrading the back-end system (EU C4C Gateway) of our ‘Client for Contractor’ tool (C4C). The work is taking place behind the scenes to make using the tool more secure. 

The upgrade is planned to take place as following, but will have no impact to you as you continue to use this service.

EU C4C Gateway - 13th June 2017 until 20 June 2017 (During this period the gateway may be subjected to changes for issue resolution purposes)

A period of testing is required from all C4C users ahead of this upgrade, to ensure that Shell proactively manage the applications you connect to - this will enable us to make the upgrade go smoothly, and importantly, with little to no downtime to you. 

You may contact Service Desk if you have any queries or encounter any issue related to C4C services.


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How to get started

Client for Contractors (C4C) is a Shell IT service that provides contractors with global access to specific applications, sites and documents within the Shell environment.

PC/Token registration

All Client for Contractors (C4C) users must register their computer with the Juniper gateway through the First-Time Registration via the C4C access portal.