Dear C4C Sakhalin Users,

Shell is going to update Firmware version 9.0R3 Build 64003.5 of back-end system (Only Sakhalin Pulse Secure Gateways) of our ‘Client for Contractor’ (C4C) from 12th April to 16th April, 2019. There will be an impact to the users login session/Outage during the upgrade phase to that specific gateway. User needs to login to the alternate gateway in order to access C4C web portal ( On April 12, 2019 Yuzhno 4 gateway will be upgraded and on April 15, 2019Yuzhno 3 gateway will be upgraded post verification of Yuzhno 4 with few users. If any issues, user can connect with helpdesk on the below mentioned numbers:


Helpdesk Contacts:

Kazakhstan: +88 005 557 100
Malaysia: +60 377 240 372
Netherlands: +31 707 007 346
Russia: +74 999 512 808
UK: +442 039 013 471
USA: +13 128 435 291

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How to get started

Client for Contractors (C4C) is a Shell IT service that provides contractors with global access to specific applications, sites and documents within the Shell environment.

PC/Token registration

All Client for Contractors (C4C) users must register their computer with the Juniper gateway through the First-Time Registration via the C4C access portal.