Contractor staff can access Shell IT resources - Web and Win32 applications, Functional Mailbox (OWA), File Shares and Network Printers - via a secure web portal, directly from their company supplied computer anytime and anywhere.

C4C service is an alternative to GI, not a straight replacement. Shell provides the gateway to the contracting company to access Shell resources with access configured based on the direct needs of each contractor. Shell provides no software license, hardware, email, storage or associated ‘full’ GI-D offering to the contractor.

The ultimate goal of the C4C service is to reduce the reliance from the contracting company on the use of Shell IT infrastructure and support services. It is expected that Shell contracting companies will have support and maintenance services available for their staff as Shell will only support connectivity to the SSL/VPN gateway on the Shell network.

More in How To Get Started

Step-by-step instructions

This step by step guide helps you get started on C4C, from registering your company for access, through to logging in to the service.

How to sign-up?

This section provides necessary information to the Hiring Manager and business Client for Contractors (C4C) Focal Points on how to sign-up the C4C Service. Before signing up the users from third party contracting company for the service, the Hiring Manager or business C4C FP must evaluate the contractors’ requirement and decide whether the service can meet their requirements.