Before proceeding with the C4C account registration for the contractor, the Hiring Manager will have to check and ensure that the Shell application resource that intended to be accessed by the contractor has to be tested and registered in the C4C distribution point (DP). The Hiring Manager has to ensure that the third party company has purchased the software client licenses and connection license (if needed) before allowing the contractor to access the application.

If the software license and maintenance support arrangement with the third party company is not in place, this might pose Shell in a software license incompliance situation. This can cause damage to Shell’s reputation and losing millions of dollars in future.

COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) software CAN NOT be registered as C4C application resource group. Third party companies using their own machines are required to procure the software, converter files and licenses for COTS software required to run locally on the client, such as Microsoft Office, Access, Outlook, and Lotus Notes etc. Shell will not provide nor support any COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) applications accessed through the service.

For example, we would not support C4C users’ word processing software. Shell business will provide licenses for Shell in-house developed applications to the contractor companies to allow them to use the applications provided that the business has obtained approval from the application license owner.

COTS definition

  1. COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) software may be generally defined as applications which are installed on an end-user’s computer, and are ready-made and available for sale, lease, or license to the general public.
  2. Examples of most commonly seen COTS software would include applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Visio.
  3. Exceptions to this rule would include:
  • business or technical applications which require a back-end server to operate, such as SAP GUI.
  • Specialty or technical software that is tailored for a specific industry or for Shell, such as Landmark, or Geoquest

Responsibility to provide COTS software

  1. Contractors are expected to provide licenses and ensure the installation of any COTS software that they may require in their work for Shell.  Shell will not provide licensing or support for any COTS software.
  2. In exceptional cases, where it is business-justified for Shell to provide COTS software, these exceptions must be documented in the C4C contract between Shell and the contractors.

The requirement to register a C4C application resource arises when the Hiring manager decided to allow the contractors accessing to the application resources and is not yet registered as a C4C application resource (RG). The Hiring Manager will have to engage the business application tester to perform the test and registration of the application resource.

Refer "C4C Registered Archetype Group & Resource Group" in Important Documents on the registered C4C application resources (only Shell staff or C4C user that has Global Live Link (GLL) access can view the list as this is confidential data). The record is ever-greened and updated as soon as an application is tested, on-boarded and successfully registered in Shell domain.

IN the published list, there are application resources that have not been tested or fully tested but merely registered for project testing. If these non-tested applications are critical to the business, then the business Hiring Manager must engage their business application testers to perform the test and onboard the application. The business application testers’ functional mailbox is:

Business Functional Mailbox
EP Application Tester
GF/ITS Application Tester
DS Application Tester No new RG testing and registration allowed
ITS Application Tester

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How to sign-up?

This section provides necessary information to the Hiring Manager and business Client for Contractors (C4C) Focal Points on how to sign-up the C4C Service. Before signing up the users from third party contracting company for the service, the Hiring Manager or business C4C FP must evaluate the contractors’ requirement and decide whether the service can meet their requirements.