Upon termination or expiring of the contract between Shell and the third party Contracting Company, Shell Contract Holder must notify the TPA Admin and the Hiring Manager so that both the 3rd party contracting company and C4C accounts can be de-registered from the service. If not, the third party contracting company will continue to receive charges for the C4C accounts monthly subscription fees.

Step Responsibility Task
1. Contract Expired/ Terminated Contract Holder
  • Notify TPA Admin and Hiring Manager about the contract status and end date of the contract
  • Raise 1RM/My Request for C4C Contracting company de-registration
2. Request AG & C4C users list Hiring Manager
  • Hiring Manager to request for the complete list of C4C users and Archetype Groups(AG) that registered under the legal company from EPRD or GI Access FP via email
3. C4C Users extract EPRD or Global Request Management
  • EPRD or GI Access FP extract the complete list of AG & C4C users base on the provided legal company
4. Request to De-register AG and C4C accounts Hiring Manager
  • Hiring Manager to raise the AG & C4C user account de-registration bundles via 1RM/My Request. For AG de-registration, provided it has not been shared with other contracting companies.
5. De-registration of AG & C4C user accounts GI Access FP or Global Request Management
  • EPRD or GI Access FP perform the de-registration
6. De-registration of company Global Request Management
  • DirDesk perform the company de-registration

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How to sign-up?

This section provides necessary information to the Hiring Manager and business Client for Contractors (C4C) Focal Points on how to sign-up the C4C Service. Before signing up the users from third party contracting company for the service, the Hiring Manager or business C4C FP must evaluate the contractors’ requirement and decide whether the service can meet their requirements.