In general, the Hiring Manager or business C4C FP should evaluate the number of contractors demand for the service, usage of the service, duration of the contract period and what type of application resources that requires by the contractors. Once justification is met, and C4C service is able to meet the requirements, the hiring manager or business C4C FP will have to go through the following major steps before the contractor can access to the service. The 5 major steps are:

  1. Company Registration
  2. Application Resource Group(RG) Registration
  3. Application Resource & Archetype Group identification and Assignment
  4. User account Registration
  5. Vasco token Request

You can refer a complete C4C Focal Point Guide.

Some of my contractors want to use C4C. What do I need to know?

Firstly, read “What is C4C Service” section to have a general understanding about the service and requirements

Next, read about the technical pre-requisite of the C4C Service. Please refer to the “What is C4C Service - Technical pre-requisite for the C4C Service section.

After understanding of the service and how C4C works technically, you can start working with the 3rd party company C4C FP to identify communities of users. Refer back to the “Who can use the C4C Service?” page for some examples of communities. The 3rd party contracting company FP should identify the application resources that the community needs. This will take some effort up front.

The next step is to engage Shell Contract Holder from the Contract & Procurement team to arrange the signing of the C4C agreement.

Once the legal agreement has been signed, the Hiring Manager can raise the company registration via 1RM/My Request. While this process is taking place, the Hiring Manager should start engaging the business application testers to test the application resource and registering the new resources (RG) in DRA.

For other resources like File Share, network printer or Functional mailbox, the hiring manager can refer to the published C4C resource list. If these resources have not been registered, then the hiring manager has to raise the 1RM/My Request to register these resources. Once all the needed resources group (RG) are registered in DRA, the hiring manager can build an archetype (AG) representing the contractors community.

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