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What is Client for Contractors (C4C)?

Client for Contractors (C4C) is a new Shell IT service developed to allow contractors access to selected Shell applications and services using their company-provided laptop, working inside or away from Shell offices.

Step-by-step instructions

This step by step guide helps you get started on C4C, from registering your company for access, through to logging in to the service.

How to sign-up?

This section provides necessary information to the Hiring Manager and business Client for Contractors (C4C) Focal Points on how to sign-up the C4C Service. Before signing up the users from third party contracting company for the service, the Hiring Manager or business C4C FP must evaluate the contractors’ requirement and decide whether the service can meet their requirements.

Registered companies

It is a mandatory requirement for a third party company to agree on the Client for Contractors (C4C) clauses and sign a legal agreement with Shell Contract & Procurement before proceeding with the C4C company registration process.

Registered resources

In order to make an application available to C4C users, you must ensure that it is tested and registered.


Off-boarding the third party contracting company, Archetype Groups and associated C4C users is the responsibility of the business and it is managed through the de-registration process.

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Important documents

Key documents for self-help, guidance and reference

PC/Token registration

All Client for Contractors (C4C) users must register their computer with the Juniper gateway through the First-Time Registration via the C4C access portal.

Login to Client for Contractors (C4C)

After the Client for Contractors (C4C) user has performed the First-Time Registration, he or she will be able to access the C4C service via this normal log-on gateway. The users can select the closest region gateway for better performance.