We use pdf files to help us preserve the look and feel of our original documents. To open and view pdf files, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for free. You can also convert pdf to either HTML or Text by using the Access Adobe online PDF conversion tool.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind also publishes information on accessing a PDF using screen readers for users. For further information on accessibility when using Adobe products please visit Access Adobe.

To open and view ZIP files, download the latest version from Microsoft. This extraction software allows zip files to be uncompressed so that contents can be viewed.

Video files

To view our videos, optimised for Windows Media Player 7 and higher, you need the Microsoft Windows Media Player and the following computer capability:

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Pentium II or higher 
At least 16 MB RAM 
At least 2 MB free disk space
JavaScript enabled
16-bit sound card or higher
Internet connection (56K modem/ISDN, cable or ADSL)
Windows Media Player 7 or higher
Monitor capable of supporting 256 colours or more

You may also need JavaScript enabled in your browser. Please follow these instructions:

Internet Explorer (6,7)

1. Select 'Tools' from the top menu
2. Choose 'Internet Options'
3. Click on the 'Security' tab
4. Click on 'Custom Level'
5. Scroll down until you see section labeled 'Scripting'
6. Under 'Active Scripting', select 'Enable' and click OK if you have JavaScript turned off

Mozilla Firefox (1.5, 2.0)

1. Select 'Tools' from the top menu
2. Choose 'Options'
3. Choose 'Content' from the top navigation
4. Select the checkbox next to 'Enable JavaScript' and click OK

  • Viewing problems
    If you connect to the internet via a company network, a firewall may be preventing you from viewing video. Ask your IT department whether the firewall is configured to support streaming video and to check the proxy settings for your network. Windows Media Player loads a buffer to improve video quality. This usually takes about 30 seconds. Once the buffer is loaded, the video should start playing.
  • Sound problems
    If you can see the video but you cannot hear it, check:
    a) if your speakers are switched on
    b) the volume settings in Windows Media Player
    c) your sound card settings.
    If you are able to receive audio, but the sound quality is poor, adjust your speaker volume and adjust the volume settings in Windows Media Player.


In order to view Flash content, a flash player plug-in version 8 or above is required. If Flash is not installed on your machine you may be prompted to download the plug-in. Alternatively you can download the flash plug-in from the official Adobe site.

Alternative images or HTML versions are provided for those who wish to view content in a non-Flash format.