What is Client for Contractors (C4C)?

Client for Contractors (C4C) is a new Shell IT service developed to allow contractors access to selected Shell applications and services using their company-provided laptop, working inside or away from Shell offices.

Important documents

Key documents for self-help, guidance and reference

News and communication

The latest news regarding the C4C Service and any upcoming communications

Client for Contractors (C4C) service and Vasco tokens will be decommissioned on 25th September 2021 Please use PingID. PingID instructions to login to anywhere.shell.com.

For users who have not downloaded PING

Client for Contractors (C4C) service and Vasco tokens will be decommissioned on 25 September 2021. Please download and start using PingID. PingID instructions to login to anywhere.shell.com.

News and Communication

C4C Gateway Migration Communication Notes

Shell is upgrading the back-end system of our ‘Client for Contractor’ tool (C4C). The work is taking place behind the scenes to make using the tool more secure. 

More information about notification

New Process for SharePoint Access

A new identity authentication process is now required to manage access to SharePoint.

More information about notification

Inside Client for Contractors (C4C)

Service Integration Center (SIC)

Assisting with more complex service integration queries

Request process

This page shows the indicative lead times for various C4C requests with respect to the Sponsor and Contractor

Focal points roles & responsibilities

Key roles for using the C4C service and associated descriptions for reference

Step-by-step instructions

This step by step guide helps you get started on C4C, from registering your company for access, through to logging in to the service.

Step-by-step instructions

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Registered companies

It is a mandatory requirement for a third party company to agree on the Client for Contractors (C4C) clauses and sign a legal agreement with Shell Contract & Procurement before proceeding with the C4C company registration process.

Registered resources

In order to make an application available to C4C users, you must ensure that it is tested and registered.

Supported security software

Juniper SSL VPN checks for third-party applications on endpoints for compliance.